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Welcome to our cottages in the beautiful arts community of Volcano Village.  

The Village sits at an elevation of 3800 feet on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano, minutes from Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.   The Park's centerpiece is the Kilauea Crater, the most active volcano on earth and the home of Pele the Hawai'i volcano goddess.   The cottages are nestled in lush native rainforest under the canopy of giant tree ferns and red blossomed ohi'a trees.   This habitat draws an abundance of native forest birds, particularly the brilliant red 'Apapane.   Being avid photographers and birders ourselves, we know that fellow enthusiasts will appreciate this unique environment.   See our Birding, Photography, and Hiking section under Adventures.

All of our cottages and grounds are non smoking and for quiet adults or adults with children over the age of 16.   Please see our policies page for more information.

Please select from the links above for more information, or click on one of the images below for reservations and availability.   Mahalo for choosing our cottages for your visit to our friendly and unforgettable island of Hawai'i.

Your Hosts,
Dale and Cindy

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